Serving the Mt. Diablo Region since 2001


I've had Internet service with the phone company forever.  Why should I consider changing?

First, airCloud has been providing service and have been profitable since 2003 so we're not going anywhere.  Secondly, airCloud was founded by business professionals who understand what business class service is all about.  Thirdly, we probably can save you some money and/or provide a product that your phone company can't.  And finally, we often hear from customers how refreshing our support is.  We're a local company that has local support, a refreshing change from the normal.

How can airCloud provide better service at a lower cost?

We have technology to thank for that.  Major telecommunications companies across the globe are spending more of thir budget on wireless networks because it is less expensive, easier to upgrade, and easier to maintain than hard-wired networks.  We reap the benefits and because of this we pass the savings on to our customers.

What is VOIP?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocal (or Voice Over IP).  It is basically a way to originate and terminate voice calls using your Internet connection.

I'm nervous about transferring our phone service.  What if the quality is poor?

That's a fair question since high-quality VOIP phone service requires good technical planning for it to work right.  We built our network with low-latency technology to support VOIP from the beginning so that's a large reason our customers will tell you voice quality and reliability is superb.  We also prioritize phone traffic on your office network so it isn't susceptible to congestion from data traffic.

Can I review your subscriber agreement prior to signing up?

You can review the subscriber agreement during signup, however a copy is available here for your review prior.

What is your billing policy?

For customers who's billing is less than $1,000/mo we require a Visa, MasterCard or Discover card for automated payments.  Instead of collecting the first and last months recurring charges like most communications companies, we simply bill you in advance on the 15th day of each month for the following month.  For example, if you started service with us on January 10th, you would be charged on January 10th any setup fees plus the pro-rated January's recurring service fee. On January 15th, you would be charged your recurring monthly service fee for February and on February 15th you would be charged the same fee for March, etc.

For Customers who's billing is more than $1,000/mo we offer an electronic invoice (e-invoice) option that you may pay with a check.  The e-invoices are emailed on about the 15th of the month for the following month and are due upon receipt.  


How does your service compare to satellite Internet service by DirectWay or WildBlue?

There are two main differences; First, all of our services include unlimited Internet access each month so you will never be hit with excess charges for exceeding bandwidth caps.  And secondly, our network is much faster as we provide more bandwidth at significantly lower latencies.  This is evident by our support for streaming video and home connections to corportate VPNs - services that are impossible to achieve over a satellite connection.

I am currently in a contract and due to an unforseen circumstance I have to cancel service, are their any options?

We understand that sometimes life throws a curveball at you and you need to make changes.  If this happens to you, please fill out and return the Hardship Application below within 30-days of your cancellation date and we will review your circumstance and get back to you promptly with a response.  Please note, hardship requests do not cover moving to another home or switching providers.  It is reserved for job changes, health issues, and other unforseen circumstances that require you to cancel service.