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if you are looking to install a new telephone system in your office or upgrade your existing phone system, Hosted PBX is the way to go.  For a low monthly fee your phone system is hosted in the cloud, not in your closet and there is no expensive "black box" to purchase saving you valuable capital.

If you already have a phone system and would like to keep it while lowering your phone costs, SIP Trunks are for you.  SIP Trunks allow you to eliminate your traditional phone lines with the phone company and bring them in over your Internet connection saving money.  Our SIP trunks come with many of the same features as our Hosted PBX including unlimited local and long distance calling in the US and Canada.

airCloud phone service uses low-latency Internet connections to transport phone calls to and from your office.  Call quality is superb and since we directly connect your location to our Soft Switch, you will not have any issues with network latency. 

Hosted PBX Benefits

​  1.  Low fixed monthly fee

  2.  Unlimited local and long distance to the US and Canada

  3.  Advanced PBX features including:

          -Automated Attendants - Adds a professional touch to your business

          -Caller ID

          -Call Waiting

          -Call Forwarding

          -Find-Me, Follow-Me

          -Simutanious Ring

          -User Portal

          -Voice Mail to Email

          -Unified Communications

          -And Many More

  4.  Support for Dozens of Handsets from Cisco, Panasonic, Polycom, Linksys, and More

  5.  Remote Worker Extensions

  • Hosted PBX Phone Line - $35/mo

          Local DID, Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling to the US/Canada & PBX Features

  • SIP Trunk Phone Line - $35/mo

          Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling to the US/Canada & Caller ID​

(Prices do not include Federal, State & Local taxes and fees that currently range from 6.5-8.5% depending on location)



If you are interested in learning if your address is covered by our network you can enter your address here.

We provide standard Business Internet plans from 2Mbps up to 40Mbps.  We can also customize a Business Internet solution up to 100Mbps.

Our Internet service is delivered via a simple Ethernet connection to your network.  There is no modem or expensive routing equipment to purchase and maintain.  Most of our services provide symmetric upload and download speeds.  All Business Internet products come with a single static IP.

Our installation consists of mounting a spherical antenna on your roof or side of your building and running a single CAT-5 Ethernet cable from our antenna to your Local Area Network.  For rooftop locations we use simple balast, non-penetrating roof mounts so we do not damage roof coatings.

 All products provide unlimited monthly service and 24x7 telephone support.

  • Business Ethernet 3000 - $179/mo

          3Mbps x 3Mbps Unlimited Monthly Internet, Single Static IP Address

  • Business Ethernet 5000 - $249/mo

          5Mbps x 5Mbps Unlimited Monthly Internet, Single Static IP Address

  • Business Ethernet 7000 - $399/mo

          7Mbps x 7Mbps Unlimited Monthly Internet, Single Static IP Address

  • Business Bursting Add On - $65/mo

          Data Burst Rates up to 20Mbps, available on all products

(All prices based on a 3-Year Term.  Add $20/mo for 2-Year Term & $40/mo for 1-Year Term, Installation fee applies on all plans/Terms and will range from $299 to $599 depending on equipment required and difficulty of installation)